guerrilla marketing in the design industry:
how we work

despite the presence of our double-entendre mascot, it's guerrilla with a "u," a term rooted in guerrilla warfare. a guerrilla (not a gorilla) is a member of a small, independent band of soldiers who makes a surprise raid on its enemy. it connotes strategy, precision, daring, and confidence. in a marketing context, it translates to a small company achieving results through savvy, rather than big spending.

just as grass roots movements can become worldwide successes through the efforts of single individuals, guerrillas build personal rapport, one contact at a time. we seek out industry influencers, the media, program heads, professional organizations and our peers, all of whom are able to elevate our name recognition. we define our target audiences and work backwards to determine what they read, watch, attend, and trust, then steadfastly and repetitively place our names and services along those pathways.

guerrillas take care to articulate what sets us apart from our competitors; to describe our unique expertise artfully and memorably. we make it a point to show up where our audiences are known to congregate. when we propose ideas to the press, they are consistently fresh and legitimately worthy of coverage. over time, our deliberate efforts to establish ourselves as worthy of attention and confidence pay off in a network of strong relationships with people and institutions that can move our businesses continually forward.

we determine what
our target audiences
read, watch, attend and
trust, then strategically
place our names along
those pathways.
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