unsolicited testimonials from students at
new york designs:

“in a world cluttered with meaningless noise and screeching visuals, your marketing insights are simple, inexpensive and powerful. after one session my business message is clear and i am heard above the din of the market. susan, your wisdom and patience make marketing fun, easy and effective.”

howell burnellcharlie creative, highland park, nj

“thank you for an amazing class. it has helped me understand what i am doing right, wrong and how to proceed. i’m going to make your [homework] assignment the first chapter of a marketing bible. have you created one? i would buy it!”

mercedes del sol jiminezeenamaria, long island city, ny

“thank you for the great class, valuable tips and the push to get our act together. the training you gave me to describe what we do/who we are in a clear and intriguing manner was invaluable.”

christine nakaokanakaoka roberts, new york city

“thanks for the info and for another amazing session. this class has been well worth the price many times over.”

larry dugganld design, new york city

“your class was so energizing! i started a few changes already. looking forward to next week.”

renee turmanrenee turman interior design, new york city

unsolicited testimonials from lecture attendees:

“thanks again for speaking tonight. i had at least 3 people approach me afterward and tell me what a great event it was!”

lisa speerevent programming for spark, new york city

“your insights into marketing strategies for the design community are very astute, and the presentation you gave us last week was extremely informative. we hope that the invaluable information you empowered us with will facilitate new fortune for us all.”

andrea cutlerandrea cutler design, new york city

“the most information-packed presentation of the eight seminars seen so far; very good!”

sara lilienfeldlilienfeld interiors, coral gables, fl